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Stucco ceilings (popcorn ceilings) have been considered almost irreparable for years.

The common way to repair these types of ceilings is to scrape down the entire ceiling area, re-plaster, and finish and re-spray everything. This method has been used and is still used by many tradesmen in order to fix even a small area of ceiling. It is usually a very messy, costly and time consuming process.

Thankfully the Ceiling Dr is here to help. Our trademark ceiling repair techniques have been developed over 25 years in order to satisfy all customers' needs. Ultimately this means a more professional finish, less mess, less cost, and less time taken to repair the ceiling.

The Ceiling Dr has over 25 years of experience in the field of ceiling repair and has designed and developed a way to effectively repair and re-blend these types of ceilings. Although every ceiling is different, the Ceiling Dr can examine your ceiling and will be able to tell you if the repair is possible. In over a 90% of cases the ceiling repair can be accomplished effectively.

Throughout his career as a craftsman the Ceiling Dr has tried various retail ceiling repair products, but none of them have been seen to give as good a finish as the Ceiling Dr can achieve using his own tried and tested methods. A quick store bought repair material may be ok for some people, but in our experience it's hardly ever a long term solution, usually makes the problem worse, and increases the cost of an effective repair.

The Ceiling Dr's methods are also useful for many other household and commercial renovations. For example if you are removing an internal wall and need to reblend the ceiling so it looks like one large uniform area then your drywall ceiling usually can be kept intact, saving more time and also enabling you to spend less money.

The Ceiling Dr's ceiling repairs are quick too, with the whole process normally takes only four to five hours.

We work in a plastic enclosed area which folds in on itself when job is completed thereby creating minimal dust in the surrounding areas.

We aim to make every ceiling repair a very effective experience for you, the customer. Using our years of experience, unique methods, skills, and efficiency we endeavour to make the whole job seem easy to the customer.

Aside from household contracts our company is used exclusively by several major resorts in Muskoka for their ceiling repairs and more. They know the importance of getting the job completed as quickly and efficiently as possible and they also know that the Ceiling Dr is the ceiling repair company to deliver such results, effectively and professionally.

So e-mail us with your questions or book a free Ceiling Dr's examination.

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