Ceiling Repair Services and more . . .

Specializing in all stucco ceiling repairs we also offer many other high quality services, including:

  • Free ceiling surveys (free to local area only).
  • Complete interior renovations and installations including Bathrooms and Kitchens.
  • All painting services.
  • New drywall installation (small drywall jobs).
  • Insulation advice and installation.
  • Repair work alongside and following other trades such as plumbers and electricians.
  • Water damage repairs.
  • Damage repair from walls removed.
  • Smoke and fire damage repair.
  • Cracks, flaking and peeling repairs.
  • Stained and discolored ceiling repairs.
  • Kitchen renovations.
  • Bathroom renovations.
  • Domestic and commercial renovations.
  • Insurance Claim work.
  • And more - Click to Contact us »

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